Out – patient

 ·        Serves as assessment, evaluation and treatment, diagnosis and
     follow up psychiatric clients especially to discharged patients.

 ·        It can also serve as entry point into in-patient service.

 ·        This service is open by appointment.

 In- patient

·        This service is geared towards the long term Custodial Care to
     patients who have such need. It will gently but firmly lead psychiatric
     clients back on the road to self – regain and recovery.

·        Patients are engaged daily in instructed Milieu Therapy which
     promotes recovery and autonomy.

·        Group dynamics, psychotherapy and structured activities are
     supervised by dedicated psychiatrist and facilitated by competent,
     caring nurses and psychologist assisted by trained nursing

 Day Care Services

It aims to restore and maintain social, occupational function through
     purposeful activities. This allows out-patient to join task-oriented,
     communication skills oriented and recreational activities in order to
     guide  them toward the constructive use of their time. Assessment
     and evaluation is also done in a day session basis and will be
     quickly addressed.

 Family Therapy / Counselling Program

This service is geared towards helping the family cope up with the
     problems and its impact having a family member with this kind of

Family involvement is very important in the assessment, evaluation
     and treatment of psychiatric patients.

This is being offered to relatives of in-patients as well as
     discharged patients.