We believe in continuously seeking better and innovative ways to meet the needs and expectations of our patients,  organizations, and communities we serve. We make the quality our services and programs our first priority, and strive to eliminate barriers to efficient and cost effective operation.

We also believe that when all our human effort begins  to fail,
The Divine intervention starts to take over.

Doctors, staff and administrators of Divine Mercy Home that Cares Inc.



Information and Visiting Area



Semi-Private Ward




Occupational Therapy Room


Music and Recreation Rooms


Dining Area


Daily Schedule of Activities:

6:00- 6:30        Waking up time/ Personal hygiene
6:30- 7:00        Physical fitness
7:00- 8:00        Breakfast and medication
8:00- 9:00        Cleaning of ward/ Bathing time
9:00- 10:00      Group therapy
10:00-10:30     Merienda
10:30-12:00nn  Viewing time
12:00-1:00       Lunch/ Medication
1:00- 3:00       Siesta time/ Nap
3:00- 3:30       Merienda
3:30- 5:00       Group activity
5:00- 6:00       Prayer time
6:00- 7:00       Dinner time
7:00- 8:00       Viewing time
8:00 pm          Bed time